Tulip pattern Bardiglio marble

Tulip pattern
Bardiglio marble

I was an apprentice to John Skelton over a period of three years. I learned dedication and precision (lettercutting) but also spontaneity, trust in material and in myself.
To me the journey of carving, which requires and creates energy, is just as important as the final work.
That process of ‘starting and finishing’ inspires and disciplines me.
  My carving strokes manipulate stone, in fragmented reflections of my environment; they create a repetitive sound, like my footsteps when I go for my long walks.
I travel and explore by foot; India, Spain – Camino de Santiago – or from my front door in Brighton to Lands End.
   Drawing from life has slowly dissolved into working with my imagination, which I use by carving directly into the stone. Drawing and carving influences one another, nearly become the same, as if drawing with my chisel.
Currently my work revolves around the non-geometric forms, the off-balanced, playing with gravity.
This sets free a creative imagination, a freedom in form. These natural forms become drawings in stone.